TRANSCRIPT: Hunter Green Dart Q&A

My apologies to those who aren’t able to hear the audio file on Hunter Green Dart (posted below). Our IT folks in London are trying to figure out why it works for some, but not others.

Meantime, here’s a quick transcript of the remarks by Tim Owings, the army’s deputy program manager for unmanned aircraft systems:

The Green Dart — letme back up. Green Dart was a quick reaction capability. It was something we couldprocure today to get SIGINT capability very quickly. We’ve used that tolearn not only what SIGINT needs to be, but how we could use tactical SIGINT. The TSP, or tactical SIGINT payload, is a program of record that’s being run out ofPEO IEWNS out of Fort Monmouth. And that program is a much more robust SIGINT package — much more robust. That program is slated to go on the Sky Warrior programand so is a significant leap forward from what we’re doing with Green Dart.

Here’s some additional background from Owings on the Hunter Green Dart:

The value of Green Dart to us was discovering the TTPs and CONOPs required to really utilizetactical SIGINT. It’s one thing to talk strategic SIGINT but it’s a totally differentworld when you talk tactical SIGINT and the army had not done a ton ofthat. So there was a PED [processing, exploitation and dissemination] piece, which isbasically exploitation and dissemation, that had to get figured out at thetactical level. So Green Dart has seved that purpose and continues to providegreat input. It’s the first generation of SIGINT capabilities for us. But you’regoing to see a lot more. I’m sure you’re aware of a few other programs. There’s Air Handler and a fewothers out there that are being pushed forward as well, plus our tactical SIGINT package which then should be — the first protype should be available at theend of 2011 which will be intetgrated on Warrior and will ultimately be on ACS[Aerial Common Sensor] as well.


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  1. airplanejim 6 February, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    Thanks Steve, your an ace.

  2. rangerbob 8 February, 2009 at 5:10 pm #

    Somebody is going to catch some hell for this.

  3. killer.. 12 April, 2009 at 12:19 am #

    Oh yeah…

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