F-15 Silent Eagle Media Briefing


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5 Responses to F-15 Silent Eagle Media Briefing

  1. SMSgt Mac 18 March, 2009 at 3:20 am #

    Freakin’ Hilarious!
    The Stoplight charts are masterpieces of oversimplification “We’re green on LO! (as long as we’re pointed right at you and we can’t tell you by how much ’cause it depends on what kind of export deal we can get from the gov’t)

    They should have titled the brief: “Listen Baldrick, We Have a Cunning Plan” or “How to Peel off JSF Export Sales Without Really Trying”

    Gotta love The Borg

  2. FighterFan 18 March, 2009 at 2:23 pm #

    Wow… a most interesting and welcome development, for a great jet.
    I’ve always felt the CFTs held a lot of potential for internal weapons carriage, and am glad to see Boeing finally doing it. Maybe they’ll call ‘em conformal weapons pallets [CWPs] now?

    Two Slammers per CWP seems to be a mite small a load, Boeing should try packaging it to take 1- 2 additional AAMs to make it more competitive with other fighters.

    Not mentioned is this specific RCS-reduction measure, but I suspect it could also incorporate inlet duct blocker vanes like on the Super Bug. However, the extent to which 5th gen level of stealthiness can be retrofitted to existing Beagles is doubtful, as the a/c were originally manufactured without the tight tolerances like on clean sheet of paper stealth designs.

    Axis-symmetric thrust vectoring at the rear end would be nice, too.

  3. airplanejim 20 March, 2009 at 12:54 am #

    Well Sarg, let’s not forget that the same LO technology that would be allowed or disallowed for the Silent Eagle FMS would also apply to the export version of the JSF. So the question might be, with a level LO playing field, how much do you as a foreign country want to pay for the JSF with the less payload/speed capability? The drawback being you need a longer runway for the F-15.

  4. SMSgt Mac 21 March, 2009 at 6:12 am #

    The point is that the fundamental F-35 design, is already in the world of ITAR and export compliance with existing tech transfer authorizations underway at this very moment. Any undefined F-15 LO improvement will have to pass the same muster.

    In anticipation of the discussion following its usual course, let me also point out that there is no evidence, hint, implication, or any other indication from any of the countries involved that the outer mold line (OML) of the export version of the F-35 will be ANY different for the partner countries on the program EXCEPT as a result of the partner countries preferences. There has been speculation by people who have never integrated a thought much less integrated a mission systems suite that the DSDD effort somehow relates to survivabiiity features, but they are only guessing from the outside and tend to be conspiracy theorists.

  5. Willetta Foshay 22 April, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    Although I can’t see eye to eye with all you are saying, I must admit I do like your way of writing.

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