Finally, the Indian view on Rafael’s Dinga-Dinga ad

It’s been three weeks since I posted Rafael’s eye-poppingly awful Dinga-Dinga ad. Finally, I’ve found a response in the Indian press. (By contrast, the US Air Force officer’s critical remarks about the Indian Air Force in the Red Flag video hit the Indian press like a hammer within a few days of my posting it here.)

It was a long time to wait, but the response was fairly predictable. The Times of India quotes a “senior defence officer” saying: “This advertisement isquite tacky… like a C-grade Hindi movie song.” Ouch.

At least the response fits. “Dinga-dinga, dinga-dinga-dinga-dee” is tacky in any language.


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One Response to Finally, the Indian view on Rafael’s Dinga-Dinga ad

  1. Skater 31 March, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Showed it to a couple of Indian coworkers. They got a big laugh out of it, but didn’t think it was going to help Rafael’s cause.

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