Hotelicopter hoax makes you want to believe

I have found it. THE BEST AVIATION HOAX EVER. My buddy Geoff Fein sent me the link this morning. Gizmodo, one of the world’s most popular blogs, posted the link to the Hotelicopter.  It was brilliantly unbelievable: a DOUBLE-DECKER Mil V-12 Homer, powered by two rotors and FOUR GEnx turbofans. Alas, it was easily found out. The hoax-sters lifted the interior pics from So much for Hotelicopter web site, promo video, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

But these hoaxters are good. Picking the V-12 was a stroke of genius. The Soviet Union only built two prototypes, and a quick scan of Wikipedia revealed that one remains unaccounted for. (I wonder: did the hoaxsters add that tantalizing detail to Wikipedia?)

What else can I say? I am thoroughly impressed. It looks like it was all in good fun. Well done, hoaxsters. You made me want to believe.


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2 Responses to Hotelicopter hoax makes you want to believe

  1. chris 31 March, 2009 at 4:58 am #

    I think the part that ruins the fun for me is that the inaugural tour hops from airport to airport. As long as we’re fantasizing, can I at least get runway-independent operation? Otherwise, my BA609 as a interstate sportscar fantasy seems that much more distant (although the $12M purchase price doesn’t help, either).

  2. chris 31 March, 2009 at 5:02 am #

    Well, double damn. No sooner do I post a comment, than they yank the video. I think I feel the 609 slipping further and further away from my backyard helipad…

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