C-17, F-22 lead FG.com’s FY 2010 survival poll


Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: Bring back the C-17!

FlightGlobal.com visitors are speaking, and, so far, they want strategic airlifters to survive more than they want tactical fighters, presidential helicopters, combat search and rescue helicopters and the “chrome plated flying laser turd”, as Jon Stewart put it. (Sorry, TSAT. It’s looking bad.) 

To cast your ballot, visit the FlightGlobal.com home page. The poll is on top of the right column. Voting stops on 16 April.

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2 Responses to C-17, F-22 lead FG.com’s FY 2010 survival poll

  1. HerkEng 10 April, 2009 at 2:20 am #

    The CSAR-X in my opinion should be priority number one. The USAF let its aircraft retire without a replacement. Let’s be honest here. The CV-22 was not brought on to replace the MC-130E Talon I (like it was on paper) and the HH-47 was not brought on to replace the MH-60 (Like it was on paper)

    They need a real replacement for the now gone MH-53M Pave Low IVs NOW!

    The F-22s… I do not see as a real need right now. How many missions do the F-15s fly in OEF/OIF? How many air to air threats do we face right now? We face very few…very very few.

    We need Tankers, Cargo, Bombers and SAR Helos right now.

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