Job ad reveals Boeing to pitch P-8 to Saudis

The Boeing P-8A, a maritime patrol aircraft, has been offered so far to Australia, Canada and India, with the latter being the most interested to date.

Boeing also has previously described the global market for the heavily modified 737-800 as primarily the countries currently operating the Lockheed P-3C, which the P-8A replaces. But the market appears to be a bit broader than even that.

A new job ad posted on Boeing’s web site last month seeks a VP for business development in Riyadh. The duties cover supporting a range of weapon systems Boeing has already sold to the Kingdom, including the F-15, AH-64 and military versions of the 707; plus others Boeing has already announced plans to market to the Saudis, including the C-17; and, finally, the undisclosed-until-now need for a P-8 sales rep in Riyadh.


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One Response to Job ad reveals Boeing to pitch P-8 to Saudis

  1. puppethead 15 April, 2009 at 2:37 pm #

    2 observations:
    - I thought the MAD had been removed, due to being useless at intended P-8 operating altitudes;
    - where were the CVN’s escorts? Or its Seahawks, for that matter? I’d imagine the P-8s will operate in conjunction with the escorts and H-60s, not in lieu of them.

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