AT-802U gunship interview at Paris Air Show

Our beleaguered staffers have finally cleared a huge backlog of videos collected during the chaos of the Paris Air Show. Here’s the interview I did with Lee Jackson, the design engineer for the Air Tractor AT-802U gunship.


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One Response to AT-802U gunship interview at Paris Air Show

  1. Ed "Otto" Pernotto 24 June, 2009 at 10:05 pm #

    C’mon, who would ever endorse the idea for a light strike aircraft for other nations or even our own?

    Stephen, great interview, it’s great to se a good ole boy Texan in the midst of the chalets and champagne talking about a great concept. I also liked the amphibious version just next door (no didn’t go, just saw pictures)

    We’ll see if this gets any traction, it sure looks like a very rugged platform with lots of capability.

    BTW, I’m still reeling from your F-22 post yesterday, GEEZ, what were they thinking?

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