US lawmaker: End “weaponized Keynesianism”, kill F-22

Congressman Barney Frank will seek to overturn a narrow vote by the House Armed Services Committee to restore long-lead funding for 12 more F-22s in the Fiscal 2010 budget. In the recording above (courtesy of Think Progress), Franks says stopping the F-22 is a key test for controlling “excess” military spending. Says Franks: “If we can not
hold the line on this then it’s very bad news for trying to hold down any kind
of excesses in military spending … I
guarantee you if they win this one they will be back for tens of billions more. It is a test.” 


4 Responses to US lawmaker: End “weaponized Keynesianism”, kill F-22

  1. SMSgt Mac 24 June, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

    THAT ‘lawmaker’.
    For a second I was concerned.

  2. bobbymike 24 June, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    Barney Frank is NOW against spending for jobs, what a load of crap. This congressman who will spend money on anything is simply ANTI-MILITARY. There is no debate and no question that he would like the US to not be a superpower and be unable to project power overseas.

    And just to remind readers of The DEW Line blog – Rep. Barney Frank was censored by the ethics committee years ago. This was the result of the investigation of his live in male lover running a male prostitution ring out of his Washington townhouse. Rep. Frank also “fixed” parking tickets of his “companion”.

    This man should be in prison not lecturing us on vital defense issues he does not understand nor does he care about because they do not add to his Washington power base.

  3. Purba Negoro 24 June, 2009 at 5:42 pm #

    What gives the USA the Imperial right to project any power beyond its’ own UN agreed borders?

    Trade with all, treaty with none?

    Every penny wasted on these Imperial imbroglio like this current Chimaera are money wasted on free college scholarships, better roads, better public infrastructure (how about some non-collapsing bridges?) and real societal improvements that create real, sustainable, long-term jobs.

    Argument to the contrary for these ridiculous unnecessary weapons is grandiose imperial masturbation at best

  4. fighterpilot317 24 June, 2009 at 8:53 pm #

    If you want to talk about social programs, whats wrong with supporting the only one that indiscriminately benefits every person in the nation. Defending this country helps every one of the 300 million in the population. Free college scholarships will only help a certain social group. So will better roads, wellfare, medicaire, etc…
    And no one can argue that there isn’t a use for this type of aircraft any more. There is a little country in Asia right now that plans on firing missiles at the US.
    And calling out wasteful military spending is a purely hypocritical statement… how about putting this country trillions of dollars into debt in the past 6 months on programs that have utterly failed to work. $140 million for the most advanced aircraft ever built suddenly seems like a bargain.

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