USAF loses fight for more F-22s, but wins ‘Super Car’

The US Air Force lost the F-22 and the Next-Generation Bomber in that last round of budget cut proposals, but not to worry! The USAF was quietly working on the Ford X-1 Super Car, which was unveiled earlier this week on Really.’s Autopia blog provides more insight:

Fighter jets and stealth bombers aren’t the only things in the Air Force fleet that fly.

The Air Force enlisted Galpin Auto Sports to radically rework a FordMustang and Dodge Challenger to impress the kids. The cars are thestars of the “2009 Super Car Tour,” a recruiting initiative that willhit high schools across the country to highlight career opportunitiesin the Air Force. Galpin is best known for the crazy customizationantics on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” building KITT in the short-lived”Knight Rider” remake and creating that crazy Scythe scarab car awhile back.

This time around they’ve built a pair of wild machines that look more suited to aerial combat than dragstrip runs.


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