House approps: Today’s winners and losers

Here’s a quick summary of the aerospace winners and losers from today’s mark-up of the defense budget by the House appropriations subcommittee on defense. The press release above can also be downloaded at this site. The House appropriators mark-up follows previous votes by the authorizing committees of the House and Senate. The Senate appropriators have yet to take up the defense bill. 


- $530 million to cut 2 USAF Lockheed Martin F-35s

- $200 million from DARPA


+ $674 million for 3 more Boeing C-17s

+ $536 $560 million for F-35 alternate engine, the General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136

+ $495 million for 9 more Boeing F/A-18E/Fs

+ $430 million for more Lockheed F-35 development funding

+ $400 million to operationalize 5 pilot production Lockheed/AgustaWestland VH-71s

+ $369 million for advanced procurement of 12 Lockheed F-22s

+ $142 million for 1 more Northrop Grumman E-2D Hawkeye

HAC Commentary

KC-X — The subcommittee says DOD can award a sole source contract or split the deal. The language also encourages DOD to buy tankers at a rate of more than one per month. 

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2 Responses to House approps: Today’s winners and losers

  1. bobbymike 17 July, 2009 at 1:59 am #

    Where are the funds for the RRW, Minuteman III replacement, conventional prompt global strike, F-22s and sharks with friggin laser beam on their heads.

  2. Prometheus 20 July, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    Minuteman III replacement will never happen.
    the peplacemant midgetman got killed.
    And as I look at the UP-List:

    If only boeing was the main-company on the Raptor.

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