Lockheed’s B-roll for F-35C roll-out ceremony

Lockheed Martin filmed the F-35C roll-out ceremony yesterday and released this highlight reel to the press. The ceremony took place at tip of Lockheed’s “moving assembly” line for the F-35, which does not actually start moving until late 2010 or early 2011. If you look in the foreground at the beginning of the video, you can see what looks like white curtains that stretch from the ceiling to the floor. That is actually where the F-16 line used to be located up until only a few weeks ago. The F-16 line has now been moved to another facility in Fort Worth. In its place, Lockheed is increasing production capacity for the F-35 ahead of the LRIP-3 contract for 17 aircraft. First, however, Lockheed is rebuilding four acres of the 60-year-old factory floor, which is why you see the white curtains. The speakers on the video, in order of appearance, are: Tom Burbage, Lockheed vice president and general manager; Brig Gen David Heinz, F-35 programme executive officer and Adm Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations. Interestingly, Roughead told us he is headed to Seattle to attend the roll-out for the Boeing P-8A, which has been awkwardly scheduled three months after first flight. But the timing is incredible: two US navy jets roll-out this week!


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