Russian Knights crash overshadows Sukhoi mega-deal at MAKS

The Russian Air Force will reportedly award a $1.9 billion deal for 60 Sukhoi fighters at the MAKS 2009 air show this week outside Moscow. News of the blockbuster deal — by Russian terms — was overshadowed by a fatal mid-air collision during airshow warm-ups that killed Russian Knights commander Col Igor Tkachenko and put two other SU-27 pilots in the hospital. If true, the deal would require Sukhoi to deliver 12 new jets a year to the Russian air force through 2015. The order is reportedly for 48 SU-35s, 4 SU-30M2s and 12 SU-27Ms. Some may note a little skepticism that the Russian Air Force budget can support such a deal, or that Sukhoi can deliver on its promises. But the contract would be a huge sign of support from Moscow, even as its struggling aerospace industry attempts to compete for export orders in India, Alegeria and Eastern Europe.


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One Response to Russian Knights crash overshadows Sukhoi mega-deal at MAKS

  1. Dorian 18 August, 2009 at 6:41 am #

    Just a note, the order is for Su-35s, Su-30M2s, and Su-27SMs, not Su-27Ms. Su-27SMs are a modernisation of aircraft already in service. Russia has some 48 or so modernised Su-27SMs in service already, IIRC.

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