Junket: F-35, C-27J, AMX news at Alenia’s Caselle base

The fourth C-27J in production for the US Air Force is on the final assembly line at Alenia’s factory in Caselle, Italy, near Turin. This aircraft is one of four expected to deploy by next September or October. (Photo: Stephen Trimble)

CASELLE, Italy — On the first of four days of the Alenia/Aermacchi press tour, I got an overview on the company and a briefing about the C-27J; toured production lines for the C-27J, Eurofighter and AMX; toasted champagne over a wonderful lunch; interviewed Alenia CEO Giovanni Bertoleone and flew in the C-27J jump-seat from Turin to Venegono, which is the focus of Day 2.

You can read the news from today’s briefings by clicking the links below:


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