JUNKET: M346 news – and fly-bys – in Venegono on Day 2

An AleniaAermacchi test pilot provides a quick tour of the M346 hangar, where you can see all three of the jet trainers currently in existence. (Video by Stephen Trimble)

ROME — Day 2 of the Alenia and Aermacchi press tour began in Venegono, near Milan, and ended in Rome. Venegono is where AleniaAermacchi designs, builds and tests the M346 advanced jet trainer, which goes into full production next year.

Aermacchi treated our humble press tour to a private flying display. Despite his undistinguished audience, chief flight test pilot Quirino Bucci gave a world-class show, manoeuvring across the M346 Master’s currently cleared flight envelope from +7gs to -2gs. Bucci spectactularly closed the display by buzzing over our heads, but only after thoughtfully cutting power to the engines to spare our eardrums.  

This evening we arrived in Rome for a full day of briefings at Finmeccanica’s corporate headquarters. Click on the links below to read the articles I wrote on the flight from Milan and the long drive into the city.


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  1. Royce 24 September, 2009 at 12:22 am #

    Interesting to hear that Singapore is looking for a jet trainer. The PC-21 was designed to allow transition into fast jets. Or at least that’s been the sales pitch. It sounds like Singapore didn’t buy into the concept after all.

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