Predator/Reaper chaos and Creech power outages

So I’m reading Esquire’s new thumb-sucker of a feature article with the typical — and increasingly mandatory — “UAVs are changing war as we know it” angle, and my eyes stumble on this gem of a paragraph. Can somebody put some MILCON in the next budget for a few spare power generators at Creech AFB, for pete’s sake?

During “lost link” episodes, when communication with the air crew isbroken, the plane circles on a preset course and waits for direction.”We have to find it. It’s like hide-and-seek,” Dowd said. The weekGersten took command at Creech, a power surge hit the base and he lostcontact with several Predators and Reapers over Afghanistan and Iraq.His crews told him this was nothing to worry about, and in fifteenminutes all the planes were back online. Two weeks later, another powersurge hit Creech and he lost contact with more Predators and Reapers.Within a half hour, all were found. But systems so technology-dependentwill be vulnerable to exploitation, whether through hacking or physicalinterruption of data — shooting down a satellite, perhaps, along itsround-the-world journey. And in increasingly wired war zones, everyonewill be fighting for bandwidth.


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2 Responses to Predator/Reaper chaos and Creech power outages

  1. Gary Mortimer 15 October, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    So UAS in NAS soon then, only 15 or 30 minutes at a time with no idea what they are doing then!

    Thats amazing, you would think they would have their own power station!

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