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POLL: Choose PAST and NEXT decade’s top military aviation story

POLL: Choose PAST decade’s top military aviation story(poll) POLL: Choose NEXT decade’s top military aviation story(poll)

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How serious is DOD about airships? (Answer: Extremely)

The US Army wants to send an optionally-manned hybrid airship to Afghanistan (see today’s news article). The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is experimenting with a lighter-than-air replacement for JSTARS and AWACS (see April blog post), which I know enjoys high level support from the US Air Force. And, not to be outdone, the US […]

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BF2 Pax River Lockheed Martin.jpg

PHOTO: Sweet shot of BF-2 arriving at Pax River

(Click on image for high-resolution file.) Photo by Lockheed Martin READ FULL STORY

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COOL VIDEO: Mi-26 sling-loads Dutch Cougar

Thanks to the English-language Russia Today news service for posting this great video of the Mi-26 sling-loading a battle-damaged AS532 Cougar in Afghanistan. You don’t see this every day.

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UH-1N in Alaska source US Air Force.jpg

Can USAF break ‘helo hex’ with CVLSP

Photo by US Air Force The past decade has not been kind to all-new military helicopter programs. I can only think of one — the unarmed, civil-certified UH-72 Lakota — that has turned out okay. But the ARH-70, VH-71 and CSAR programs blew up after barely getting started. The H-1 upgrades program lives on, thanks […]

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Christmas comes early for Joint Strike Fighter

Lockheed Martin confirms the BF-1 — an F-35 flight test aircraft — yesterday ended a 33-day, post-ferry hiatus, finally logging its first flight from the US Navy test center at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland. The video above shows when the F-35 first arrived at Pax River on 15 November. The short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing (STOVL) variant’s […]

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VIDEO: SAAB info-mercial for Brazil’s F-X2 contract

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F-35 AA-1 retired to live-fire slaughter

Lockheed Martin confirms its original flight test aircraft for the F-35, barely three years old, has been officially retired. The AA-1 flight test article, overweight by 5,000lb compared to the current design, is parked at China Lake Naval Air Station following its 91st sortie. It will soon start a second, unfortunately brief career as a […]

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F-22 UAE.jpg

PHOTO: F-22 four-ship over the United Arab Emirates

Photo by USAF SSgt Michael B. Keller

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C-17 and A400M had a baby … in China

Back in 2005 two Flight colleagues — Brendan Sobie and Andrew Doyle — broke the story that China’s Xian Aircraft Corp was developing a four-jet freighter sized between a C-130 and a C-17.Well, four years later, the always fantastic China Military Aviation site has posted the first images of the Y-20. Does anything about this […]

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