VIDEO: SAAB info-mercial for Brazil’s F-X2 contract


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3 Responses to VIDEO: SAAB info-mercial for Brazil’s F-X2 contract

  1. Mars HQ Regiment 28 December, 2009 at 8:00 am #

    Sweden is clearly holding back here. I’d call their bluff. They can offer a lot more to close a fair deal. Maybe something like additional offsets being awarded later on if inter-planetary Gripen NG sales, for whatever reason, are not successful.

  2. Wolfpack 29 December, 2009 at 12:54 am #

    For FX2, There are three competitors on short list. The F18 E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, and SAAB Gripen New Generation. Today`s assumption is the Aircraft Industry shows preference to Gripen NG, the Brazilian Air Force wants F18 E/F and the Government desire their New Military Partner France and Dassault Rafale. The Agency called COPAC (Coordination Agency for Aircraft Combat Fighter Project) from Brazilian Air Force produced a report with 26.000 pages to describe vantages and disadvantages for each candidate. During last Brazilian Independence day, the President Lula welcome their colleague, President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and both signed a Military Treatment which included 4x Diesel-Electric Scorpene Submarine, new bases for those and technology support to produce the first Brazilian Nuclear Submarine , also signed the agreement to produce in Brazil on EADS Helibras some EC725 Transport Helicopter. Either the President Lula said to President Sarkosy the intention to chose the Rafale as the winner for FX2. Immediately the Air Force Commandant, the specialized press shows disappointment which his attitude and one day after the Defense Minister came to journalist and redraw the speech. The FX2 is planned to be finished next January 2010. The chances for Boeing is a quite critical and to be honest minimum due to last problem to technology transfer with U.S. impediment (embargo) to some weapons and technology to Brazil. The past do not aid the Boeing on this competition. During Israeli Elbit Rafael Embraer working to update the old F5E Tiger II, the Technology Aeronautic Center requested data to Northrop Grumman about the wings natural frequency and structure strength data to allow use of local development WVR IR missile called Piranha. The Northrop deny any support and the CTA developed by them self the F5E structure model to analyses. This is only an example the other can be check on The new aircraft bases on Colombia also didn`t help on diplomacy and the U.S. Ambassador was approved by U.S. Senate just last week. There are a list of disagreement between Brazil and U.S. which put this Friendly Country on China, France, Russia, and Sweden area of influence. Today, Brazilian Air Force have AAM from Israel and South Africa, different of neighbor country Chile which have AIM120C,D and F16 Blk50. The SAAB Gripen NG is only a project, an update for JAS39 Gripen C/D with bigger range for operation, new AESA radar and outstand GE F414 single engine. The main critic to this option is the risk about schedule and costs for project. Either the Brazilian Navy wants in future a new naval fighter. Gripen do not have yet a naval option. The Rafale is an expensive fighter but the principal omnirole fighter for French Nation; it is on initial of development with a long term possibility to updating and new features. It is the best one on list. Most of people here complain about the SU35BM was not selected to be on short list. It is because the Russian declined the idea to transfer any software or special hardware feature technology to FX2. So, just wait for next January. I think U.S. don`t have too much interest on region, and it is the same doesn`t matter the new Government Establishment on Washington. For France, Russia and China it is a quite different, unfortunately.

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