Phantom Ray vs RQ-170 Sentinel

What did Boeing Advanced Systems President Daryl Davis think when the US Air Force revealed the existence of the RQ-170 Sentinel a few months ago — particularly since his unit is working its own stealthy unmanned air system (UAS) called Phantom Ray?

Davis gamely attempted today to answer that question on a teleconference call with reporters about the Phantom Ray.

“The best way to say that is that I was fascinated by that,” Davis says.

But Davis was mindful the RQ-170 program’s capabilities and even its appearance remain classified officially, although several photos of the aircraft seem to have trickled into the public domain.

“We know very little about it. I can’t comment on it,” he says.

However, after a slight pause, he seemed to find a route to make his point.

“If I looked at Phantom Ray compared to some of the pictures I’ve seen,” he says, “we’re a much cleaner airplane and I would — well, I’ll stop right there.”


Watch this space for new Phantom Ray photo coming soon.


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