Friday flick: “Look to Lockheed for Leadership”

This early-1940s-vintage film is a time capsule of the Lockheed Aircraft Co. at a key moment in its history. The company was just at the beginning of its war-driven growth trajectory. The film focuses on Lockheed’s commercial division. It highlights the Model 18 Lodestar airliner, and offers only a glimpse of the hundreds of Hudson bombers — the Lodestar’s military variant — then in production. Meanwhile, the P-38 Lightning — “a man-made comet!”, the narrator says — makes a cameo appearance at the end. If you look closely, I think you see actual footage of legendary designer and Skunk Works founder Kelly Johnson in a wind tunnel at the 14-minute mark.


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One Response to Friday flick: “Look to Lockheed for Leadership”

  1. RSF 14 August, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Kelly Johnson would puke if he saw the Peter Principle being so broadly applied throughout aerospace trauma now known as the F-35.

    I would take the Lockmart of the old days any day of the week.

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