VIDEO: JAGM hat-trick by Raytheon/Boeing

Raytheon has released video showing the third and last guided test vehicle test of its candidate for the US Army/Navy joint air to ground missile (JAGM) contract. All three shots by the Raytheon/Boeing have scored direct hits.

The third test on 3 September 2010 verified that the millimeter wave radar — one of three seekers on board JAGM — can lock onto a target from a range of 6km.

In this case, the imaging infrared seeker took over for terminal guidance against the moving T-72 tank, but in the case of bad weather, such as fog, the radar would have guided the missile into the target.

The third sensor — a semi-active laser — was deactivated not employed during the test in order to confirm the performance of the radar.

Raytheon and Boeing are teamed up to compete for the JAGM contract against Lockheed Martin. The army is expected to award a contract to order up to 33,000 JAGMs in the second quarter of 2011.


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