CIA Oxcart history briefing back on YouTube, sans video

I suppose it’s only fitting that a historical briefing on the CIA A-12 Oxcart project gets wrapped up in intrigue. The Smithsonian Air & Space museum has resposted an audio-only version of the 24 September briefing on YouTube about one week after taking down a link showing the panel discussion in video. Since a couple of former spooks participated, it’s possible they didn’t want their faces on YouTube even in retirement. Or maybe the museum felt insecure about the production qualities of video presentation, although I thought they were fine for YouTube. Anyway, I encourage everyone to listen to the briefing, as it’s a fascinating retelling of one of — if not simply the — most technically ambitious projects in aerospace history.

I will note that the audio-only presentation is three seconds shorter than the version posted last week. I don’t have a transcript of the first briefing, so I have no idea if any content was deleted.


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2 Responses to CIA Oxcart history briefing back on YouTube, sans video

  1. glen towler 18 October, 2010 at 7:06 am #

    would it be possible to get this article as a zip file as it bit long ?

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