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VIDEO: Chinese internet ‘leaks’ J-15 take-off

Following the script set by the J-20 four months ago, newly-leaked photos of the Chinese Shenyang J-15 naval fighter that appeared earlier this week have been followed up with newly-leaked film showing the aircraft in taxi and take-off modes. All that’s missing is a coinciding visit to China by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Perhaps […]

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F35 static model credit USAF 560.jpg

How Lockeed can score $52.5 million pay-day on F-35

Delivering the pole model on time to Eglin AFB apparently doesn’t count (photo courtesy USAF). Lockheed Martin can earn a $52.5 million extra pay-day this year on the F-35 program, chief executive Robert Stevens told Wall Street analysts on Tuesday. That may seem like chump-change compared to the roughly $11.4 billion in the Fiscal 2011 […]

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POLL: Make your shortlist for India’s next fighter

NEW UPDATE: Saab officially confirms they’re out of the running. UPDATE: India’s equally definitive StratPost blog reports today that Typhoon and Rafale have been effectively shortlisted, leaving the F-16IN, F/A-18E/F, Gripen and MiG-35 out of the running. Shiv Aroor’s LiveFist blog also is reporting that the competition has narrowed to Typhoon and Rafale ] The […]

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VIDEO: China’s J-15 goes viral, but J-18 steals the show

China’s J-15 has become a star of the aviation paparazzi in the last few days, with a couple of new-ish photos leaking onto the blogosphere. There’s also a new round of rampant speculation about the status of the J-18 Snowy Owl. Some have even suggested that it’s China’s short takeoff and vertical landing fighter, and […]

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VIDEO: T-50-2 first flight appears on YouTube

This has been floating around the web for a few weeks, but it’s new to me — and perhaps to some of you, too. Never miss an opportunity to see the very photo-genic prototype of Russia’s PAK-FA program. The second prototype first flew on 5 March at Sukhoi’s flight test site on Komsomolsk-on-Amur. That came […]

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F-35′s 1st air show appearance will be …

… maybe later this year, says Adm David Venlet, F-35 program executive officer, who briefed reporters this morning at Joint Strike Fighter headquarters on the 6th floor of a a typically non-descript office building in Crystal City.After dispensing with questions about cost overruns, schedule delays and technical problems (you know, the usual), I asked Venlet […]

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PHOTOS: Bits and bobs around Quad-A

Back by popular demand, a photo round-up of some of more interesting items on display inside the exhibit hall of the Army Aviation Association of America’s (Quad-A) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.1. The HatchetAlliant TechSystems (ATK) displayed this miniature guided bomb for RQ-7 Shadow-class unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), with this rendering showing an attack on […]

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China: J-20 completes second flight test [video]

Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times reports today: Photos of China’s J-20 stealth fighter prototype are all the rage on online military forums, after word emerged that another test flight was completed Sunday when officials in Beijing celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China’s aviation industry. Some of the online footage showed scores of […]

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Pros & Cons: Armed scout rivals

The US Army officially remains undecided, but it’s not for a lack of options. There are instead plenty of potential heirs of the venerable OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, the army’s “interim” armed scout since the late-1960s. Here are some pro’s and con’s of the five main contenders in no particular order.1. Sikorsky S-97 RaiderPROs: The coaxial-rotor, […]

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QUAD-A: US Army sets 2030 goal for high-speed helicopter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The US Army’s annual helo-palooza — the Army Aviation Association of America’s (Quad-A’s) annual convention — opened this morning with aviation branch’s top officer making a bold commitment to field an all-new, high-speed rotorcraft in 2030. Maj Gen Anthony Crutchfield, head of army aviation headquarters at Fort Rucker, set an “aimpoint” to […]

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