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PICTURE: Chinese navy UAV spotted in-flight

Great job by the Japan Security Watch to spot this photo last week. The photo was released on 23 June by Japan’s Ministry of Defense. Japan’s MoD claims it spotted the unmanned aerial vehicle flying around a Chinese naval ship on exercises near Okinawa. It’s not clearly apparent from the photo that the UAV belongs […]

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VIDEO: Avenger billed as ‘attrition tolerant’ alternative to F-22

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) showed a new marketing video of the Predator C Avenger unmanned combat air system (UCAS) at the 2011 Paris Air Show. The video presents the Avenger as ‘attrition tolerant’ alternative to the Lockheed Martin F-22. GA-ASI has developed Avenger by itself to offer a jet-powered, stealthy UCAS to the […]

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Meet the Civvie LEMV

A commercial customercould be announced within 12 months for a new heavy freighter version of ahybrid airship in development for the US Army, Northrop Grumman said. The commercial marketappears to be evolving rapidly even as a Northrop/Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV)team is still assembling the first long-endurance multi-intelligence vehicle(LEMV) ordered by the army a year ago. […]

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Embraer looks to stretch KC-390

Embraer has confirmedplans to launch a stretch version of the KC-390 for the civil cargo market thatcompany officials predict will generate between 200-250 orders over a 10-yearperiod starting in 2018. The Brazilianmanufacturer revealed the plan at the Paris Air Show only a day after Kawasakiannounced ongoing studies to convert a baseline C-2 military transport into […]

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Norway makes JSM plea with F-35 order announcement

The news conferencewas billed as an order announcement, but the customer came to lobby the topleadership of the F-35 programme in full view of the press. Rear Adm Arne R√łksund, a career submariner and now head of Norway’sdefence policy, made a plea for the F-35 joint programme office to integratethe Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile (JSM) […]

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Meet the MRTA

Shiv Aroor at LiveFist has new details showing actual dimensions of the Multi-Role Transport Aircraft, the joint Ilyushin-Hindustan cargo project. It is yet another twin-jet powered tactical airlifter, joining an increasingly crowded field already including the Mitsubishi C-2 and the Embraer KC-390. The MRTA, singled-out during the Paris Air Show press conference of Mikhail Pogosyan […]

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Norway launches ‘Great Rocket Motor War’ with ATK

Raytheon is qualifying Norway’s NAAMO as a second source for the rocket motor of the AIM-120 AMRAAM after experiencing “some difficulties” with supplier ATK.  Anybody remember the Great Engine War?  Pratt & Whitney’s early struggles with the F100 powering the F-15 and F-16 prompted the US Air Force to launch the General Electric F110. It’s […]

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Notes on Next Generation Jammer, GMTI

Notes from a Raytheon interview on Day 1 at the Paris Air Show: Next Generation Jammer This is the US Navy’s programme to replace the aging ALQ-99 jammer pod for the EA-6B and EA-18G. Building a new jammer is a tricky job. Just ask the US Air Force. After dropping the mission by retiring the […]

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TRAILER: New Toon plumbs depths of carrier aviation

Coming to a home entertainment system near you in 2013, the straight-to-DVD flick “Planes” apparently portrays the story of an AirTractor (or Thrush!)-like turboprop trying to compete with jet-powered fighters on carrier decks. Like all good art, the trailer shown below inspires many questions, such as: Is that really a V-tailed EA-6B in the background? […]

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F-35 looks for Paris ‘bump’

The F-35 enters the Paris Air Show on a high note. Perhaps like Canada committing to buy 65 F-35As on the eve of the Farnborough show last year, Lockheed Martin served up a whopper of a press release a few days ahead of the show. Here are some highlights: A finally complete fleet of 13 […]

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