Meet the MRTA

Shiv Aroor at LiveFist has new details showing actual dimensions of the Multi-Role Transport Aircraft, the joint Ilyushin-Hindustan cargo project. It is yet another twin-jet powered tactical airlifter, joining an increasingly crowded field already including the Mitsubishi C-2 and the Embraer KC-390. The MRTA, singled-out during the Paris Air Show press conference of Mikhail Pogosyan (president of Ilyushin parent United Aircraft Corporation) as a key long-term project, appears to be slightly smaller than the KC-390 based on these dimensions. 



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One Response to Meet the MRTA

  1. Kurisu Makise 22 June, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    C-2 is not the product of Mitsubusi.Kawasaki manufactures it.

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