US Army reveals electronic attack deployment on Facebook


The US Army’s electronic warfare office has a Facebook page. Yes, I’m still absorbing that sentence myself. 

The Facebook page also reveals that the army has fielded a new electronic attack weapon. Here’s a photo caption posted on 18 April: 

“C-12 early flight of the Army’s CEASAR EW capability. CEASAR is designed to conduct electronic warfare from above the battlefield. CEASAR will give the Army an organic beyond line of sight electronic attack capability designed specifically to address the concerns of the land forces.

I’ve written about the Raytheon CEASAR (communications electronic attack with surveillance and reconnaissance) pod before. It repackages the USQ-113 communications jammer aboard the Boeing EA-18G into a pod. A year and a half ago, I reported the army was interested in buying “a few” for the MQ-1C Gray Eagle (formerly, Sky Warrior). 

Perhaps the MQ-1C plans are still being pursued, but it’s clear CEASAR also has found a home on the manned turboprop fleet. It shows that electronic attack is increasingly becoming just another weapon, like a rocket, missile or strafing cannon, that can be employed from the air in support of ground troops. 


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