VIDEO: Spectacular air-to-air view of Iran AWACS crash

New video has surfaced on YouTube that reportedly shows the crash of an Iranian air force Il-76MD airborne warning and control system (AWACS) in September 2009. According to the ASN database, the Il-76 flight crew had reported an engine fire, but on final approach the AWACS radar dome detached sheared off the tail. The video is captured by the boom operator of a Iranian 707 tanker, with an F-4 in trail. (The title on the YouTube video is inaccurate.)


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3 Responses to VIDEO: Spectacular air-to-air view of Iran AWACS crash

  1. K 4 June, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    From Israel insider net:

    Dubbed “Simorgh” (a flying creature of Iranian fable which performs wonders in mid-flight), the AWACS’ appearance, escorted by fighter jets, was to have been the climax for the Iranian Air force’s fly-past over the parade. Instead, it collided with one of escorting planes, a US-made F-5E, and both crashed to the ground in flames. All seven crewmen were killed, Debka reported.

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