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PICTURE: One AFRL briefing, lots of new aircraft

US Air Force chief scientist Mark Mayberry briefed the AirVenture symposium on the future of electric flight this morning, allowing your blogger the pleasure of one of our favorite games: Spot the funny-looking aircraft on the AFRL briefing slides! Hey, it’s one way to survive death-by-PowerPoint.1. F-X is the new name for the USAF’s very […]

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#OSH11: Tough day for fighters at Oshkosh

Spotters captured an a McDonnell North American FJ4 rolling off the end of Runway 36 only hours after the same thing happened to an Alabama Air National Guard F-16. If you look closely enough, you can see the FJ4 roll right by the poor F-16, with its nose stuffed into what is now water-logged mud […]

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CONFIRMED: This summer’s best air show will be …

… not here. As much as I’m digging getting buzzed by the only fly-able B-29 in the world here at Oshkosh AirVenture, it’s not the best air show in the world this summer — by far. Neither does that distinction belong to last month’s Paris Air Show, which was unusually bereft of debut appearances by […]

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#OSH11: Sikorsky talks about life after X2

Sikorsky test pilot Kevin Bredendeck briefed the AirVenture crowd on 25 July on what comes next for the X2 high-speed, coaxial-pusher-combo helicopter.

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#OSH11: A farewell tribute to Burt Rutan

I’ll be reporting on-scene this week from Oshkosh 2011, the annual pilgrammage of the world’s most ardent aviation fans. There’s no better way to start a show like this than a tribute to Burt Rutan, who will be honoured here all week after retiring in April. Rutan’s Risky BusinessBy Stephen TrimbleNew ideas are powerful things, […]

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‘Not a pound for air-to-ground’: Inside the J-20 weapons bay

UPDATE: Stand down! Looks like this one is more of a toy than a representative model. Apologies for the rush to judgment!It appears the Chengdu J-20 may be an eight-shooter: six PL-12s in the main internal bay and one PL-9 in each of two side weapon bays. In non-stealthy mode, the J-20 may also carry […]

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VIDEO: Boeing’s all-new advanced pulsjet VTOL aircraft concept

Let’s say you really, really want to pick up 30 tons of something and drop it off in the middle of a field somewhere, but you think a helicopter the size of an A400M and a hybrid airship the size of a football field are a little too impractical. What do you do?Boeing apparently has […]

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Russia pitches PAK-FA to the ‘other’ Korea

There was a time when any Russian military equipment offered to forces on the Korean peninsula would have stopped slightly north of the 38th parallel, but those days are apparently over.Although only 18 months beyond first flight, the Sukhoi PAK-FA stealth fighter has been offered to the South Koreans for FX-III. Local reports (see here […]

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DOD’s naughty Wall of Shame (Part 2)

Let’s look on the bright side, for a change. Yesterday, we counted the various weapon systems terminated within the last decade by the Department of Defense (DOD) and their costs, with the help of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA). Today, let’s look at the programmes that contributed the majority of their sunk […]

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DOD’s naughty Wall of Shame

How bad were the ‘Naughts’ (as in ’00 decade) for the US government’s weapons systems? The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments attempts to answer this question with a table showing the major programmes canceled since 2001 (see page 36). In total, the Department of Defense invested $46 billion on 12 canceled programmes, CSBA says. […]

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