Somebody should get the AVIC and CATIC marketing staffs back on the same page.

I realized yesterday that I had picked up two different product cards in the exhibit halls of the Paris Air Show for the JF-17 Thunder, the low-cost, multi-role, Chinese-Pakistani collaboration.

One of the product cards came from AVIC, the JF-17 designer and manufacturer. The other card was produced by CATIC, office export/import for Chinese aerospace products. Each card shows different statistics for the same aircraft. I understand that different assumptions could drive changes in maximum take-off weight and ferry range. But surely the overall length and height of the airframe should be the same?

My guess is that CATIC is the culprit. I checked the CATIC web site, and the JF-17 page lists specifications that more closely match-up with the AVIC product card. 

Specifications AVIC CATIC Difference
Takeoff weight 9,100kg 9,100kg Same
Speed M1.6 M1.6 Same
Length 14.26m 14.0m (-) 0.26m
Wingspan 9.46m* 8.5m (-) 0.94m
Height 4.77m 5.1m (+) 0.24m
MTOW 13,300kg 12,700kg (-) 600kg
Ceiling 16,000m 16,700m (+) 700m
Ferry range 2,037km 3,000km (+) 963km
*AVIC wingspan includes wing-tip missiles


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2 Responses to AVIC JF-17 vs CATIC JF-17

  1. Aussie Digger 8 July, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Puts into perspective the value of the analysis of those who compare aircraft based on nothing more than publicly available specs…

  2. jetcal1 8 July, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Hey AD!
    Naw, it’s 510 NM further on 1300 fewer pounds.
    (Too bad auto manufacturers can’t do that.)
    It’s the ME-109R again.

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