Eurofighter forecasts new Brazil-Turkey fighter in 2025

Eurofighter chart.jpgAs part of its KF-X presentation at the Seoul Air Show on 21 October, Eurofighter representative Cassidian displayed a fascinating chart with a fighter market forecast. Click on the chart to download a high-resolution version.

There are some questionable assertions, as one might expect of a manufacturer-driven forecast. Eurofighter, of course, predicts the Dassault Rafale loses in the United Arab Emirates and India. The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet production line joins the Lockheed Martin F-22 and Boeing F-15E in the history books by 2017, according to Eurofighter. Interestingly, Eurofighter accepts that all 3,100 Lockheed F-35s are purchased, although the chart closes the production line five years early in 2030.

But most fascinating of all is what Eurofighter thinks will happen in Brazil and Turkey. (See dark blue stripe in bottom-left of chart). These two countries join forces to introduce a new fighter in 2025, joining a growing list of indigenous projects already started in China, India, Japan and South Korea, Eurofighter forecasts.

This assertion may have come as a shock to the South Koreans in the room. They are counting on Turkey to join KF-X and contribute 20% of the development costs, splitting 40% of the bill with Indonesia.

Brazil and Turkey have both expressed desire to break free of dependence on foreign suppliers of fighters, but we were not aware of a possible joint programme. If Brazil and Turkey do intend to introduce a new fighter by 2025, they will likely start working on the project within the next few years.

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