SEOUL AIR SHOW: Eurofighter shares KF-X vision

KFX Eurofighter vision.jpgSouth Korea needs help developing KF-X. Its industry feels up to the challenge of developing the new fighter’s flight controls, aerodynamics, sensors and weapons. But it wants an industrial partner to transfer technology for the engines, sensor fusion software and systems integration. This presents a certain dilemma for potential US partners. How much do Boeing and Lockheed Martin give up for a piece of the KF-X programme, knowing South Korea’s fighter ambitions means losing a historically reliable customer and possibly creating a future competitor?

That’s where Eurofighter comes in. The company presented itself at the Seoul Air Show as an “eager” supporter of South Korea’s next-generation fighter programme. Accordingly, Eurofighter was pleased to present its vision for KF-X on 21 October during a seminar dedicated to the programme. Neither Boeing nor Lockheed accepted invitations to present at the same event.

Eurofighter’s concept proposes a clean-sheet, twin-engine design with a conventional, single tail. The latter feature differs from South Korean concepts showing twin-canted tails. The design goal is a medium-class fighter to replace the Asian fleet of McDonnell F-4 Phantoms and Northrop F-5 Tigers.


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