MUST-READ: F-35 concurrency report

A damaging report on the F-35 concurrency strategy is in the news this morning. Flightglobal, Ares and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram have the story, and each account is based on the same leaked Pentagon report.

Read the full 20-page report by clicking here: F35 concurrency report.pdf

The report takes aim at the amount of concurrency risk in the F-35 programme. Concurrency risk measures the downside on cost of producing aircraft before completing all development. Nearly all modern commercial and military aviation programmes rely on some overlap in the development and production phases, but the F-35 acquisition plan takes this to a whole new level, according to the report. The F-35 concurrency strategy was based on certain assumptions about the accuracy of modern design tools that have proved invalid, the report says.

As a result, the Department of Defense should scrap the current acquisition plan based on automatic, yearly production increases, and allow the rate to increase as tests develop.

The report also contains the most comprehensive look at all of the ongoing and likely future design problems with the F-35 programme. None of the problems are categorised in the report as significant enough to merit halting production.


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