PICTURE: Reaper spotted at secret CIA UAV base

yucca predator.pngyucca wide view.pngZach Rosenberg, Flightglobal’s UAV and space editor, has found something very interesting in the latest release of satellite imagery posted on Google Maps last month.

On the ramp of the Yucca airstrip in Nevada — a site officially owned by the Energy Department and unofficially suspected of being a secret, CIA UAV base — is what appears to be an MQ-1 Predator or MQ-9 Reaper. You can spot it yourself. Go to Google Maps, search for Yucca Lake, Nevada, and zoom in on the concrete airstrip next to the dry lake bed.

As Zach reports, secret UAV bases operated by the CIA seem to be popping up everywhere, and now we have some evidence of a key operating base inside the US.

Score another point for Google Earth


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