Decision week for India’s MMRCA contract?

Typhoon Aero India.jpg
Photo by Katsushiko Tokunaga via Eurofighter

Eleven years after it all started, India’s, er, patient acquisition process may yield a final downselect for the medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) contract later this week — or maybe next month, or — since we are talking about India — next (fill in the blank).

But the two survivors of India’s technical and cost evaluations — the Dassault Rafale and the Eurofighter Tyhpoon (pictured) — are probably optimistic of short-term closure, if not victory.

In Paris, the La Tribune seems hesitant. The Rafale “should” be cheaper than the Typhoon, the newspaper reports, noting also this may overcome the Indian air force’s technical preference for the non-French competitor.

In London, The Telegraph also worries the Typhoon may be too pricey. The article quotes Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton acknowledging the Rafale has an advantage on up-front costs. But the Telegraph also a source in New Dehli, who confides the air force judges the Typhoon superior technically.

Not least, in India, the IDRW news network counts the rumours floating around New Dehli, and decides the pro-Typhoon rumours out-number the Rafale.


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