Archive | February, 2012

Top USAF general explains EXACTLY how to kill an F-22

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in air-to-air combat with a Lockheed Martin F-22,  particularly if you happen to be flying any other fighter besides an F-22. The Raptor still boasts a 30:1 kill ratio in mock dogfights (the only kind of dogfight, alas, the F-22 has ever known). Notice, however, the “:1″ part of […]

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SPOTTED: A mystery (ok, maybe Chinese) UAV in Uzbekistan

The DEW Line pal and former Jane’s colleague Josh Kucera reports today from Bishkek a new unmanned air vehicle has been spotted flying over Uzbekistan. To analyze its origins, we’ll use the classical analytical device known as the Goldilocks method. Predator/Gray Eagle/Reaper is too big, yet the UAV still seems too small to be a […]

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GRAPHIC: Go beneath the skin of the F-15 Silent Eagle

Cheers to Flightglobal artists Tim Bicheno-Brown and Tim Hall for a beautiful cutaway of the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle. Peel back the fuselage skin by clicking on the blue vertical stripe on the left side, dragging it to the right. And click here for our technical description of Boeing’s latest major update to the venerable […]

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