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ONR’s Flexrotor enters new phase of development

The Office of Naval Research’s Flexrotor vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is entering the next phase of its development, the US Navy announced 30 April.The USN has awarded Aerovel Corp a contract to improve the Flexrotor’s capabilities with a new propulsion system to help the aircraft better transition from vertical to cruising […]

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Final Langley F-22 arrives in Virginia

Here is tail number 10-4194, the penultimate Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor built for the US Air Force arriving at Joint Base Langley-Eustis near Hampton Roads, Virginia. It was flown in from the Lockheed plant in Marietta, Georgia, earlier today by Lt Col Jason Hinds, the commander of the 94th Fighter Squadron. The jet will serve […]

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Brazilian defense programs proceed on course

Embraer hopes to have its first modernized AMX jet flying in the “first semester” of 2012, the company says in its first quarter earnings report.Two flight test aircraft and eight production jets are at the Brazilian airframer’s facilities awaiting their “revitalization.”Meanwhile the Brazilian navy’s modernization program for its 12 Boeing (originally Douglas) A-4 Skyhawk attack […]

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Preview: Last Raptor to be delivered next Wednesday

Next Wednesday on 2 May, the US Air Force will formally takedelivery of the last F-22 Raptor from Lockheed Martin. Amongst the delegationattending the ceremonies will be 3d Wing commander Col Dirk Smith, 525thFighter Squadron commander Lt Col Paul “Max” Moga and Lt Col Dave “Piff” Piffarerio–commanderof the Air Force Reserve’s 302nd Fighter Squadron. The […]

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Kadena F-15 video

This video commemorates the 67th Fighter Squadron winning the Raytheon Trophy–which is awarded to the best air superiority fighter squadron in a given year. 2011 in this case. The 67th is part of the 18th Wing, commanded by Brigadier General Matt Molloy. Molloy used to command 1st Fighter Wing until the middle of lastyear. Despite […]

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Kubasik to become Lockheed Martin’s new CEO

Chris Kubasik will be anointed as Lockheed Martin’s new CEOcome 1 January 2013, but current CEO Bob Stevens will stay on as chairman ofthe board for another year until 1 January 2014. Kubasik is currently the chiefoperating officer and president of the massive defense giant. Here is a video of the F-35C flying in formation. […]

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First Boeing C-17 retires at Edwards AFB

This edition of the DEW Line is brought to you courtesy ofthe TSA and US Airways… I am stuck at Sky Harbor, but the show must go on.   At Edwards Air Force Base, the US Air Force’s first BoeingC-17 Globemaster is being retired. But fortunately it is going to the USAFmuseum in Dayton, Ohio, […]

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F-35 LRIP 2 and 3 contract modifications

Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona, minions… In my long absence from our nation’s capital,much has happened (or not). Lockheed Martin has been awarded two additionalF-35 contracts.   The contracts are respectively $68.3 million and $45.9million modifications to the previously awarded Low Rate Initial Production IIand III contracts for changes to the F-35′s configuration. These changes couldinclude […]

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Northrop awarded MQ-8C contract

Evening minions, I’m off to Phoenix, Arizona, in the morningto cover my first civilian story. There will be flying involved–I’ll reportback if anything interesting should happen…   In the meantime here is a link to my MQ-8C story- or justread the Cliff’s Notes version below.   Northrop Grumman is porting over the guts of its […]

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HTV-2 render-original.jpg

DARPA’s HTV-2 crashed because it blew off chunks

DARPA’s HTV-2 hypersonic test vehicle crashed due tomaterials being worn off the airframe as a faster rate than predicted. But on thegood news side, the aircraft proved to be more controllable than the engineershad expected. The DARPA study is being used to inform the US Defense Department’son-going Conventional Prompt Global Strike efforts–which would hit a […]

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