Could Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) training help reduce F-35 costs?

Could live virtual constructive (LVC) training help reduce someof the F-35′s soaring costs? It might, if the US Air Force, US Navy and USMCdidn’t need to continually cycle through fourth-generation machines or haveother F-35s act as “Red Air” during training sorties. But what is clear is thatthe new technology will help US tactical air forces practice for beyond visualrange fights much more effectively than ever before–especially if you’re aRaptor driver and nobody wants to play with you (because it’s not much fundying before you even know you’re under attack). However, you still need otherjets to train against for those within visual range fights…


Read all about it here.


In the meantime, F-35 drivers USAF Lt Col Eric Smith and US MarineCorps Maj Joseph “O.D.” Bachmann have been busy at the 33rd FighterWing. Here they are flying in formation…  120410-F-ZZ999-033.jpg


And doing aerial refuelings…  Though this is actually Eric Smith in this shot.120411-F-ZZ999-133.jpg


Also the support troops have begun their formal training…  (Hmmm… they appear to have better computersthan we do)120328-f-zz999-803.JPG


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