Northrop awarded MQ-8C contract

Evening minions, I’m off to Phoenix, Arizona, in the morningto cover my first civilian story. There will be flying involved–I’ll reportback if anything interesting should happen…


In the meantime here is a link to my MQ-8C story- or justread the Cliff’s Notes version below.


9275fiex.jpgNorthrop Grumman is porting over the guts of its MQ-8BFirescout unmanned helicopter to a Bell 407 airframe–creating the MQ-8C. The USNavy awarded the contract $262.3 million today to buy two developmentalairframes and six production examples for its special operations forces. TheBell machine is about twice the size of the Schweizer 333 on which the MQ-8B isbased…

This Fire-X prototype, which evolved into the MQ-8C, started off life as a prototype for the ill-fated US Army ARH-70 Arapaho armed aerial scout helicopter.

Second time lucky I guess.

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