US Navy ONR works to reduce jet noise

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research is studying new waysto reduce the impact of jet noise on carrier deck crews. The Navy says that jetnoise from tactical aircraft can reach 150 decibels on the flight line, whichis well above the safe limits for hearing. Factories, for example, are requiredto institute a hearing protection program once noise levels reach 85 decibels,the Navy says.


The ONR hopes its project will help to create new approachesto mitigate jet exhaust noise which will result in safer noise environments.That should also help in reducing noise complaints reported in communities nearmilitary bases.


ONR is awarding about $4 million to researchers at BrighamYoung University, California Institute of Technology, Cascade Technologies,Innovative Technology Applications Co., Universityof Illinois, University of Mississippi, PennsylvaniaState University and Virginia Tech for the effort. NASA is also chipping in afew dollars…


Hearing loss is no joke, and it’s imperative that folks wearproper hearing protection working around aircraft. Something I learned the hardway.


Anyway, here is picture of F-22 Raptor tail number 09-4191flying home to Langley from the Lockheed Martin’s factory in Marietta, Georgia.There are three more left to go, last one leaves the nest on May 2. You shouldwear hearing protection if you are standing near an operating Raptor–see it’snot just an excuse to post an F-22 shot.

Also the F-35 is pretty goddamn loud… Yes, heard it in person at Pax and on the USS Wasp.


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