Grizzly 2 heads for unpaved runway trials

Airbus Military’s A400M development aircraft “Grizzly 2″ just took off from Toulouse, France on its way to performing the type’s first unpaved runway trials.

The aircraft is now en route for Cottbus, Germany, where it is expected to stay through the rest of this week. First on the agenda will be making landings on a grass strip, which should provide some spectacular photo opportunities.

Confession time from me; I only packed a 70mm lens, so apologies for the dodgy image quality!

MSN2 560.jpg

Our Airbus Military media visit also included a look around MSN3, but sadly no pictures were allowed onboard or in the cockpit. It has recently performed initial flights with underwing hose and drogue refuelling pods installed (now removed) and is also doing night-time work to prove use of the enhanced vision system.

Grizzly 560.jpg


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