Two Virginia F-22 Raptor pilots on 60 Minutes… they’re going to quit flying the Raptor

Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson fly with the Virginia Air National Guard’s 192d Fighter Wing, which is an associate wing of the USAF’s 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. They are among the “very small number” of F-22 pilots, mentioned by Air Combat Command chief Gen Mike Hostage, who are refusing to fly the Raptor due to their concerns with the jet’s oxygen system. This certainly explains the General’s sudden public admission… he was preempting 60 Minutes–better to hear it from him than the news is probably his reasoning.

It’s an unfortunate situation all around…

7139375497_75ee1953b1_o4195.jpgThis shot was so awesome I had to post it twice… my congratulations to the Lockheed photographer who shot it.

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