USAF Test Pilot School starts Cyber course

The US Air Force Test Pilot School has started a newcyber-systems course.

“We are the place where the world comes to learn abouttest and evaluation. With the introduction of the Cyber Systems Test Course, wecan now teach our graduates and others the framework for testing cyber systemsin a contested environment,” says Col Noel Zamot, TPS commandant.”This is the first course of its kind that includes a disciplined, yetflexible approach to testing cyber intensive systems.”

According to the USAF, the CyberSystems Test Course provides TPS students with the knowledge and resourcesfor successfully identifying and testing cyber vulnerabilities on a variety ofsystems.

While cyber is becoming anincreasingly important part of current military thinking, I can’t help but feelthis move steers the TPS away from its roots as a school for pilots and flighttest engineers.

It’s happened before with the USAFWeapons School–which, before the introduction of myriad different courses fordifferent airframes, space and cyber–used to be called the Fighter WeaponsSchool.

Perhaps the TPS will go that waytoo… with the word “pilot” being dropped in order to be more inclusive.

The times they are a-changin’–asBob Dylan said.

100708-F-7910D-024.jpgThis photo has nothing to do with the TPS or Edwards AFB, except that I found it on their site–I just thought it’s an awesome shot. This jet is actually from the 65th Aggressors at Nellis.

The USAF has more here


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