USMC F-35B starts local area flights over Eglin AFB

The US Air Force’s 33rd Fighter Wing and USMarine Corps flew their first Lockheed Martin F-35B local area flight at EglinAFB, Florida, earlier today (22 May). But while today was the STOVL model’sday, the wing’s F-35A fleet is performing very well, a senior USAF officialsays.


7176702010_df702a73fc_b.jpgThe F-35A had already flown 47 sorties to date, but todaythey added to that total.

The unit “launched a two turn two of F-35As, another first,”the senior official says. That makes “for a total of five sorties flown today.”


I was hoping to find video footage of the flight but insteadI found this clip from this Perpar3D simulation software.  Those are some very nice renderings. I’msure it’s great for training, but it would also make for an awesome video game.

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