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Boeing’s pre-Farnborough tour: Insitu ScanEagle

So after our foray out to Edwards AFB, the Boeing pre-Farnborough media tour continued onto Portland, Oregon, where we visited Insitu. Technically, they’re in Hood River… but close enough. Insitu is a wholly-owned Boeing subsidiary that builds the ScanEagle, NightEagle and Integator drones. They started off as a tiny operation consisting of a couple of […]

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Boeing’s pre-Farnborough tour: San Antonio and Edwards AFB

Continuing on Boeing’s pre-Farnborough tour last week… From Hurburt Field, Florida, we flew to Kelly Field, near San Antonio, Texas, in a pair of Gulfstream 200 business jets. Having now flown on a business jet, I can say that it is the best way to travel. I’ve decided I must have one when I grow […]

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Boeing’s pre-Farnborough media tour: AFSOC’s CV-22 Osprey sim

The DEW Line has been quiet as of late… that’s because I’ve been on multiple back-to-back trips to various places during this past month.   Last week was Boeing’s pre-Farnborough air show media tour. The tour started off here in Washington DC but quickly moved to Hurlburt Field in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Hurlburt, as […]

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Tanker pain looming for RAF?

These are worrying times for the UK Royal Air Force, with the service facing major upheavals to its air transport and air-to-air refuelling inventories over the next 18 months. By the end of this year, the last of the UK’s Lockheed Martin C-130K Hercules will be retired from use, while the replacement Airbus Military A400M won’t start […]

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Lockheed’s new mystery drone

My colleague Zach Rosenberg found this interesting satellite image of Lockheed Martin’s facility at Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. It looks a lot like a RQ-170, but bigger… in fact, the shape–from what we can make out–looks a lot like the P.420. But who knows? It’s not like they’re going to tell us what it […]

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A visit to Boeing’s Super Hornet plant… and full-dome sim

Earlier today, a group of reporters including myself visitedBoeing’s Saint Louis, Mo., plant where they build the F/A-18E/F, EA-18G and theF-15. Amid the briefings, Boeing afforded us the chance to assemble an inertLaser Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)–which was kinda cool. But the realhighlight of the tour for me was an opportunity to fly Boeing […]

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Grrreat Grizzlies!

Now here’s something that you don’t see every day: pictures showing all five of Airbus Military’s A400M development aircraft “turning and burning” together. The company just released a couple of images showing its entire “Grizzly” fleet getting ready to take off from Toulouse, France, and I’m guessing that air-to-air shots might also be following before too long […]

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USAF F-15Cs train with Su-30MKMs for the first time

While we often talk about the newest fifth-generation fighters in the US (and now others’) inventory, it can’t be forgotten that the vast majority of the operational fleet consists of so-called “legacy” fourth-generation machines.   Though having sometimes served for decades, many of these fighters are still extremely capable. The Boeing F-15C Eagle is considered […]

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Combat Edge anti-g ensemble might be causing the Raptor’s woes

The Combat Edge upper pressure-garment might be responsible for the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor’s oxygen woes. Read the full article here The US Air Force isn’t saying anything officially just yet though. Lockheed Martin photo The USAF still maintains it has two broad hypotheses as to the root cause of the Raptor’s oxygen woes.  One […]

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