Away from Farnborough, BK-2 takes flight

Apologies for the lack of blogging from me while the Farnborough air show has been in full flow, but just to prove that life goes on away from soggy Hampshire, here’s a nice image of something happening in sunny Texas.

Lockheed Martin performed the first flight yesterday with BK-2 – the second short take-off and vertical landing F-35B for the UK. The event (caught by one of the company’s photographers) happened just over a week before the delivery ceremony for aircraft BK-1, due on 19 July.

BK-2 500.jpg

In all, three UK aircraft will be used to support initial operational test and evaluation work on the three-variant F-35 programme. Hopefully that will have moved forward enough for us to be able to commentate on the type in flight at the next Farnborough show in 2014.


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