FARNBOROUGH: Dave flies the Eurofighter sim… also the Airbus A400 was there

So my colleagues Zach Rosenberg, Greg Waldron and I stopped by the Eurofighter Typhoon chalet this afternoon… There wasn’t any beer–which is unusual for Germans.

But they let me play with their Typhoon sim–it was only a cockpit demonstrator, but a Eurofighter flight-test engineer (who wasn’t German, but was from some other part of Europe) says that the flight model is pretty accurate, if a little on the conservative side. It’s only about 5% off, he says.

The avionics and weapons were dumbed down–that’s obviously classified. One cool thing it had was a headset to simulate a helmet-mounted display.

So the Eurofighter is fast… very, very fast. It easily pushed out to around Mach 1.5 with a full weapons load and three tanks of gas. It also handles very nicely… Apparently, the design goal, from what our engineer acquaintance tells me, was that it should fly a lot like a super F-15. Which it apparently does…

Of course, the only way for me to be sure of how well the Typhoon flies is to go up in one… Martina?

TyphoonSim.jpgThis is not a picture of a chick flying the sim–I just have long hair…

Also while we were slaving away to gather coverage for you guys we captured this video of the Airbus A400 airlifter coming into the show. Greg shot this on his Samsung phone…  

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