VIDEO: Ahhh – Vulcan at RIAT

It was good to see The Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s XH558 back in action at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and Farnborough air show earlier this month, following the team’s rapid replacement of both port engines following a ground incident.

In case you haven’t been fortunate enough to see the last of Avro’s “Tin Triangles” in the air this “summer” (for non-UK residents that’s a sarcastic reference, as we haven’t had one this year) then check out this onboard video from RIAT, compiled by the Trust. Don’t be put off by the awful opening muzak – that only lasts for a few seconds, and then you get to hear nothing but the faint noise from the Rolls-Royce Olympus quartet.

I have to send my thanks to the Trust for letting me have a tour inside the aircraft’s cockpit on the Saturday at RIAT – that was a real privelege, and highlighted the level of work involved in keeping the old girl flying. Please visit their website if you’d like to support them.



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