Amazing Boeing CH-47 Chinook video from RIAT 2012

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook entered into service 50 years ago.Though its subsystems have evolved over the years, the basic design remains thesame. Given the US Army’s current plans, the venerable Chinook might well bethe first 100 year rotorcraft design… I’m willing to bet there will be at leasta few of these magnificent machines still flying in 2062. Possibly even some ofthe very same aircraft that are flying right now… After all, the very firstChinook ever built is still in service and has seen multiple tours inAfghanistan. It’s likely that the Vertol–before Boeing bought the company in1960–engineers who were developing this aircraft back in the late 1950s couldn’thave imagined their creation still being in service 50 years–let alone 100 years-downthe line.ChinookArmy.jpg

Here is a video from earlier in the year–it shows off someof the awesome capabilities of this machine.

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