Eglin flies 200th F-35 sortie

Eglin has flown its 200th sortie in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter… US Marine Corps Major Tye “OD” Bachmann had the distinction of flying that mission.

The pace of training at the base is ramping up, the jets no longer need a chase plane and they’ll soon be doing aerial refuelings. The Marines are also gearing up to train for short take-off and vertical landing operations. So things are coming along at the 33rd Fighter Wing using the “crawl, walk, run” methodology.

Here are some photos from today’s flight.

200th_F-35_A&B_combined_sortie_Maj_Bachmann_touches_down_24_Aug_2012-v2.jpg200th_F-35_A&B_combined_sortie_Maj_Bachmann_in_landing_24_Aug_2012[1].jpg200th_F-35_A&B_combined_sortie_Maj_Rountree_in_cockpit_after_land_24_Aug_2012[1].jpg200th_F-35_A&B_combined_sortie_Maj_Rountree_in_cockpit_24_Aug_2012[1].jpg200th_(&199)_F-35_sorties_Maj_Bachmann_and_Maj_Rountree__24_Aug_2012.jpg20o_071[1].jpgAlso, in case you guys were wondering how the US Navy is going to supply ALQ-99 jammer pods to Australia… They’re going to be giving them refurbished pods, but the low band jammers are going to be new.

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