Iran ‘pimps’ Tu-154 – for F-5 ejection seat tests

Just when we thought that Iran couldn’t do anything else crazy linked to its aged fleet of Northrop F-5 fighters (following its foray into developing the V-tailed “Saegeh” version), a newly published image has raised many eyebrows here on Flightglobal.

Hosted on the site, the picture shows a modified Tupolev Tu-154M, formerly flown by Iran Air Tours, with an F-5 cockpit section now grafted onto the front-top of its vertical stabiliser. Image supplier “Iranian Spotters” describes the combo as intended to support tests of an Iranian-made ejection seat, and says the same aircraft will also carry out future work carrying indigenous unmanned air vehicles.

If you do one thing today, check out the image here. But as one of my colleagues here commented, maybe they’d save more lives by equipping Tu-154s with the bang-seats?


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