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UK report slams Nimrod cancellation

The UK has made do without a dedicated maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) capability for 18 months now, with its Royal Air Force’s final Nimrod MR2s having been retired in late March 2010. Already having accepted what some in the Ministry of Defence refer to as a “capability holiday” before the long-delayed introduction of replacement equipment, the situation got […]

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Norway celebrates 100 years of air power

A few days ago on September 1-2, Norway celebrated 100-years of air power.  The event was held in central Oslo central Oslo in the harbor in front of city hall. It gathered well over 150,000 people, according to Norwegian defense spokesman Endre Lunde. “This is amazing – we have never had an event like it […]

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33rd FW flies 300th F-35 sortie, USAF decides to implement new F-22 oxygen schedule

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I was in South Africa covering the Africa Aerospace and Defense show in Pretoria. There wasn’t too much that caught my eye, but this contraption I found to be facinating. It’s an amphibian bush plane and it’ll be offered in a military variant also… I’ve decided I must […]

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Saab says ECA; who they?

I was intrigued to see that ECA Program (you might remember them as the Amsterdam-based company which is looking to raise funds to buy a dazzling array of combat aircraft from places like China, Israel, Russia and Sweden to deliver an aggressor training service for NATO air forces) now has its own ‘Air Power Blog’. […]

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Russia’s PAK-DA bomber a ‘White Elephant’

We’ve looked at the prospects for Russia’s PAK-DA next-generation bomber programme a few times of late on The DEW Line, so I thought I’d flag up an interesting article in the latest issue of Moscow Defense Brief magazine, which describes the Tupolev-led development effort as “The White Elephant of Russian aviation”. Penned by Mikhail Barabanov, the […]

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F-35 and Spitfire get side-by-side at Edwards

Two historic combat aircraft sit side-by-side in this stunning image, which was captured by Lockheed Martin photographer Matthew Short at the US Air Force’s Edwards AFB late on 14 September. World War II-era Mk XIV Spitfire NX749DP was at the base as part of a “Battle of Britain Night” event organised by the UK Joint […]

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Camp Bastion attack shocks ISAF

Apologies for us having gone a bit quiet on The DEW line so far this week – Dave Majumdar is on the road covering the Africa Aerospace & Defence show in South Africa, with limited comms, while I’ve been maxed out with Flight International print deadlines following my return from the ILA Berlin air show. […]

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Another Chinese fighter breaks cover

Our good friend and Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron filed a story this morning about the emergence of another new Chinese combat aircraft, which appears to pull together design features from both the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; although that of course could be entirely coincidental. Shenyang’s product is referred to with a […]

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Is the F-22 Raptor really getting a new OBOGS oxygen schedule?

Retired US Air Force General Greg Martin, Air Combat Command director of operations Major General Charlie Lyon and Clinton Cragg, the principle engineer from NASA’s engineering safety center testified before the House Armed Services Committee’s tactical air land subcommittee on September 14. Read that story here The most interesting thing to come out of the […]

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Romney proposes more Raptors, Lockheed says it’ll support the move if that’s what the government wants

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is proposing to resurrect the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor production line. Lockheed says it will support the move if the US government makes that decision. Read the story here A source of mine, who has the resume to back-up what he says, once suggested that the US Air Force would […]

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